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Board Game Night

We'll play classics you know and love, but we'll also break out some others you've never heard of so you can discover something new (and don't worry, we've prescreened all of them to make sure they're awesome). Your host will explain each game before we start, answer questions as they arise, and keep things moving.

We'll play Monikers (based on the popular game often called celebrity, aka hats, aka salad bowls, aka some absurd name you use with your friends that none of us have ever heard of). It's Taboo meets charades meets... something else, we're not sure what. After that come 1-2 more large group games, then we're breaking out a handful of smaller games and scattering them throughout the room. You'll be able to float from one to the next, sampling them and learning how to play each one. All told we'll get through at least six games before the end of the night.

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