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Orange Line IPA

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Not a Wit IPA (New England Style)

All Ears Golden Ale

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Hopfen Fresh Hopped Oktoberfest (Almost gone!)

Released for draft on Monday (10/29): Serendipitous Pale Ale


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Serendipitous Pale Ale: 6 PACK/12 OZ. CANS

Orange Line New England IPA: 6 PACK/12 OZ. CANS (Only 3 cases left)

Toll Gate New England IPA: 6 PACK/12 OZ. CANS: COMING WED. 10/31…It is back…BOO!

Nik's Bitter: 32 oz. Crowler

Not a Wit IPA (New England Style): 32 oz. Crowler

FINE: A SOUR BEER: 32 oz. Crowler

All Ears Golden Ale: 32 oz. Crowler 


Orange Line IPA 7.25% ABV

Our New England IPA and our beloved flagship beer.  Yes...this is the citrus bomb New England style IPA, that the good people of JP have demanded.  Orange Line is named after the iconic train of JP and features a unique variety of Citra hops that gives a unique orange citrus quality to the aroma and taste.   This is a silky smooth ale with strong citrus aromas from the crazy triple dose of dry hopping of our Citra variety in the hop back and all throughout fermentation.   Take the Orange Line to Turtle Swamp's taproom and try an Orange Line IPA...the ride is worth it.

Toll Gate IPA 5.9% ABV

Our blend of an American and New England IPA.  Made with a higher amount of caramel malt than most New England style IPAs, this darker color and sweetness helps accentuate the strong Passion Fruit aromas from the generous dose of dry hopping of Mosaic. 

The Monument Double IPA 9% ABV

A stand out for its style, a landmark for our brewery, and a token of appreciation for our city, our neighborhood, and our community. The Monument is our first double IPA and big brother to our Toll Gate IPA - strong and malt forward, yet slightly sweet, and clocks in around 9% ABV. This beer was brewed with Cascade and Simcoe hops, and dry hopped with Mosaic for a juicier, but subtle finish.

Serendiptious Pale Ale 5% ABV

As the name implies, this beer came about as a happy accident.  While doing one of our first brews of Nik's Bitter, Nik misread his own handwriting, and added CaraPils malt rather than Caramel Pils malt.  You can see how he got messed up.  The result was a paler than Pale Ale, but with a hearty hop aroma.  We developed this beer further--simplified the malts, and upped the hopping--and Serendipitous is the result.  

Nik's Bitter (But Never Angry) 4% ABV

An American Bitter. It is a combination of British Malt, a London Thames derived Ale yeast, and American Hops.  We love Bitters; they are an everyday drinking beer, full of body and flavor, which sets them apart from American Craft Session Ales, which tend to be much lighter bodied.  These are very refreshing, but we wanted to do something a bit different.  The malt and yeast provide a hearty sweet backbone, but rather than use British hops, which can be lackluster, we used a very American dose of Cascade to give it a good bitter bite, and a piney nose.

JP Porter 6.2% ABV

A full bodied, and full flavored Porter.  Strong notes of chocolate and coffee, but without the strong roast trending to burnt notes of more traditional porter.  The secret is a Chocolate Rye Malt from Valley Malt in Hadley, MA.  It gives color, spiciness, and a hint of sweet chocolate, and doesn't get too dark in the process.

All Ears Dry Hopped Golden Ale 4.7% ABV

A perfect light bodied Ale, made with 100% Massachusetts ingredients, dry hopped with Cascade.  Our friends at Valley Malt make a fantastic Malted Corn, and once we heard about it, we had to give it a try.  Corn has a bad rap in the craft brewing world, usually associated with watery, mass produced lagers.  But it has a long standing place in the history of American Beer; before malted barley was regularly available in colonial Boston, brewers would have used any grain they could get their hands on, and corn was not only available, it was native! We jumped to use this New England grown and malted grain.  It makes the beer particularly refreshing, without sacrificing sweetness and flavor. 

Not a Wit White IPA 5.7% ABV

A 50/50 blend of pale malt and malted wheat, with 100% Massachusetts grown Rakau hops liberally sprinkled through the entire brewing process, from boil to dry hopping.  A few pounds of coriander in our hop back yields a super fruity, spicy note, and the purposely unfiltered, quite hazy wheat character adds depth and body.  Tart apple notes from the coriander, plus a hint of hop bitterness and juiciness, along with fruity and earthy aromatics from the dry hopping.

Skwäshbuckle Imperial Porter 10.7% ABV (Coming back in November!)

This beer is named after the linguistic and phonetic spelling of squash, because umlauts are fun. It also shares a surname with Jim Buckle, the New England farmer who grew the 100 pounds of various baking squash that went into this beer. This rich and hearty limited offering is brewed with squash and spices, and pours dark brown with ruby red highlights, foaming up with a frothy, mocha colored head. Brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and clove, the initial sip of this porter is surprisingly light with notes of brown sugar and only a hint of the heat from its 10.7% ABV. The finish releases more complex notes of dried fruit, banana, clove, and hints of pine from the Cascade hops. 


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